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You all might be well versed with the game poker. This is entirely a new game which is played online. There are actually various types of poker games available online. There is no headache of anything that you have to suffer from.  Actually, the game is of great interest and fun. The gambler who play this game has great fun in playing. This is actually a card game. It is played along with family members. Those who are a beginner in this field should only need two registers online through a website of tereparacy. The whole scenario of playing depends on betting. The better you bet the better hand of betting you have. The best success you will get. Those who are interested to know about poker games are in the right place tonight learn about. The below mention some facts about this games.

Poker hand

The poker hands depend from highest to lowest. This para will give you the details of it. All are mentioned below :

  • Straight flush- here five cards of same suits are placed in sequence order.
  • Royal flush- here the best combination of cards areten, Jack, queen, king, the ace of all the same suits.
  • Four of kind- here you can keep any four numerically matching cards.
  • Full house- here you have told keep the combination of three of a kind. And one pair you have to keep in the same
  • Flush- here five of same suits cards to be kept.
  • Straight- here also five card of same suits in sequence order.
  • Three of a kind- here three cards whose numeral are matching.
  • Two pairs and one pair- here two differentpairs in one hand. And two numbers matching cards


What actually is the work of gameqq in poker games?  This is actually a casual game client who offer multiple players online games. Games which are available on their website is from the game clients and they are actually free of cost. Recently, these people have done a collaboration with AOL to have an instant messaging feature. Some English games are offering its own account registration.


In the above article, you see about the game. This gameis available in Chinese and it is created byTencent. This game is also played online. Playing this type of games is having lots of fun for you. This is like a betting game, if you have luck then it’s your day go it. “Everyone gets lucky once in a while but nobody is always a winner” this quote suits for this type of games.So play it but it limits only.

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